Preparing to transport a vehicle/s. We prefer at least 7 to 30 days advance notice to schedule the transport of your vehicle(s). Booking your car/cars to be transported on our open and enclosed car carriers are on a first come first serve bases and availability changes as spaces are available on the trucks. It is very much like getting an airline ticket. Bookings requested for further in the future will be quoted based on current fuel prices, weather, truck availability, and more. Because of the volatility of fuel prices, market and other factors, it may be in your best interest to wait 10-30 days before the 1st available pickup date. We need 2-5 days of window for pick up. Since truck availability changes all the time, you can try us whenever you need to transport your vehicle(s). However, sometime it is more beneficial to lock in your rate before prices increases. Thus, people book their vehicle transportation needs months in advance. Any bodily modification (other than standard manufacturing) done to your car/s must be presented to your agent while getting a quote. However, its never late to request an auto transportation quote even the last minute. We understand that sometimes other car shipping or car transport companies may have promised and not been able to fulfill or its customers first time transporting a car and not familiar with the auto transportation process.