Let’s discuss shipping your car while serving int he military. It is an absolute real truth and unavoidable aspect of military life … Receiving a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) or Outside the Continental United States (OCONUS) order during the course of their military services or career. 


When military families receive a PCS order, they are generally responsible for paying to ship their own vehicles.  Some people are highly tempted to drive from duty station to duty station to save money, but this can quickly get very expensive and overwhelming.


Other people, when faced with the prospect of an OCONUS or PCS move, assume that it will be easier to buy a car when they arrive at their next duty station. Truth is that selling or storing your current car and/or doing all the work involved in the buying and selling of a vehicle, like getting a car loan or worrying about the resale value of your current car, can be enormous hassles.  Shipping your car can save military families a lot of time, money and potentially avoid numerous moving hassles.


ABC Auto Shipping can help make the auto transport of military vehicles a safe, fast and hassle free experience.  ABC Auto Shipping provides affordable, professional and topnotch shipping of car, motorcycle or small boat.  For over 22 years, ABC Auto Shipping has quickly and safely transported cars from one state to another, within a state, and/or across the country.  https://www.abcautoshipping.com


Service members are encouraged to contact ABC Auto Shipping today at https://www.abcautoshipping.com and 877-686-5611.  ABC Auto Shipping takes great care in their nationwide transport services of your transportation and strives to make the frequent relocating experiences of people and families in the military easier by providing reliable and affordable transporting of all types of vehicles, including  your Privately Owned Vehicle (POV).  


ABC Auto Shipping believes that shipping a car to your next duty station should be easy and affordable. Active and retired service members are encouraged to contact ABC Auto Shipping today regarding their military car shipping process.  


ABC Auto Shipping services are hassle-free and their customer service is stellar to allow you and your family to relax and focus on your move. https://www.abcautoshipping.com and 877-686-5611.