What is a Snowbird? Why do Snowbirds prefer to fly verses drive? Is a Snowbird an actual bird?

Yes, a little humor never hurt anyone. In fact, Snowbirds travel back and forth typically from the cold weather parts of the US and migrate to warmer climate states until their states winter season has passed.

When Snowbirds choose to travel back and forth at minimum twice annually there are other considering factors to deal with in order to make appropriate plans such as auto transport options and much more to include:

  • Packing your bags for the essentials such as medicine, clothing, personal items that may be needed for the next 3-6 months.
  • Relocating your car so that your auto will be at your final destination when you arrive in your warmer state of choice. Therefore, a professional auto shipper or car relocation service will need to be contracted with to make sure your car arrives on time and safe without any damage.

Auto shippers like ABC Auto Shippers with their website at: https://www.abcautoshipping.com will help to solve one of the main concerns and planning schedules that Snowbirds have to deal with which is how to easily transport their car to the warmer climate home so they have full access to their automobiles during their stay in the warmer climates. Then once again Snowbirds will need to coordinate their auto relocation once again when the Snowbirds choose to go back home.

Most Snowbirds depending how far they choose to travel to get away from the winter seasons prefer to fly and ship their vehicles to their warmer destinations. The benefits behind this decision to fly verses to drive are the following:

  • No motel/hotel bills.
  • No gas bills.
  • No additional food bills.
  • Less wear and tear on your vehicles.
  • Less time wasted traveling.
  • Safer travels.
  • Arrive at the final destination faster.
  • Less energy to fly verses drive.
  • Less risk to break down in the middle of nowhere.
  • No need to rent a car.
  • Driving long distances is hard on the back and eyes.
  • Your car is waiting for you when you arrive off the plane.
  • Typically, less expensive to auto ship your car verses driving your vehicle yourself.

Because many Snowbirds are seniors and or retired, it takes a toll on the body to drive your car for a very long distance such as a multi-state relocation drive. That is why working with professional auto shippers like https://www.abcautoshipping.com is a great benefit and affordable choice to make sure your car is delivered safely without damage at the home where you are residing no matter what state or what season of the year it may be.

ABC Auto Shipping is found online at https://www.abcautoshipping.com and phone 877-686-5611.  ABC auto shipping is a top-rated nationwide auto transport broker company that provides affordable car shipping rates, professional auto relocation services and will communicate with you to ensure every Snowbird car, motorcycle and small boat transport is moved on time and without any issues.

If you travel to the South to avoid severe winter in the North, you may need a snowbird auto transport service.

The Snowbird vehicle, motorcycle and small boat transport services offered by ABC Auto Shipping have relocated, and bi-annually transported, cars, motorcycles and small boats for snowbirds for more than 22 years.

Snowbirds are encouraged to contact ABC Auto Shipping today regarding an affordable snowbird vehicle transport option.

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Because every Snowbird deserves the safe and professional car transport and migration of their vehicle, motorcycle and small boat.