ABC Auto Shipping provides auto shipping services utilizing an open car carrier truck. Open auto transport is widely recognized as the most economical and preferred mode of transportation utilized by customers to move their vehicles between different locations. This method involves the use of an open-air carrier, which lacks enclosed side walls, a roof, or an enclosed floor. Under this transport method, your vehicle will be collected from your chosen location and securely loaded onto an open double-decker truck, similar to those commonly seen on highways transporting cars. Moreover, In this method of auto transport, your vehicle is positioned on a metal superstructure on the tractor/trailer, making it susceptible to weather conditions and road debris during transit. This means that vehicles are not shielded from unforeseen outdoor elements that could potentially cause damages not covered by cargo insurance, often referred to as an “act of God.” The term refer to damage caused by things outside of our control. These natural incidents are impossible to predict or prevent, such as hailstorm, sandstorm, flying objects, earth quick windstorm which are covered by the car owner’s insurance. For instance, consider the scenario where you are driving and a small stone strikes your car, resulting in a paint chip. However, it is worth noting that vehicles on trucks are comparatively better shielded than those on the road. ABC Auto Shipping moves several hundred vehicles successfully in the same condition on the open car carrier every day. These trucks can carry between five to eleven cars on each load, mostly seven to ten cars in state and out of states.

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