ABC Auto Shipping offers 5%-15% discount to various groups and multiple vehicle transportation on the same car carrier. Over the past two decades, ABC Auto Shipping has earned a remarkable reputation for its top-notch vehicle transportation services nationwide. In addition to our exceptional track record, we prioritize customer satisfaction by offering discounts to various eligible groups, without compromising the quality of our services. Whether you are a senior citizen, military personnel, college student, sport athletes, need to transport multiple vehicles at once, or part of any other qualifying group, ABC Auto Shipping guarantees that you will receive the same level of excellence in vehicle transportation while also benefiting from cost-saving discounts. Our commitment to providing reliable, efficient, and affordable transport solutions remains unwavering, making us the preferred choice for individuals and organizations alike. Choose ABC Auto Shipping to experience the difference and enjoy quality service with added savings tailored to your needs.

To inquire about applicable discounts, begin by requesting a complimentary quote. Upon receiving the email quote from, respond to it and ask your agent about the discount category that pertains to your situation. Your agent will subsequently apply any relevant discount and update the quote accordingly. Additionally, you have the option to request a price match with other quotes you may have obtained or to request a reduction in our quotes. Please specify the details of the other quotes you received and indicate the desired payment amount for our quality services. If feasible, we will adjust our quotes to match or closely align with the other quotes provided. Keep in mind that due to market rates and various factors, we may not always be able to guarantee the highest discounts available. However, your agent will make every effort to secure the best deal possible without compromising on quality.

The discount options are as follow based on honesty policy:

  • Senior citizens 65 years and older 10% discount.

  • Single Moms or Dads 5% discount.

  • Students 7% discount.

  • Active and Retired Military 8% discount.

  • Disable Veterans 10% discount.

  • Multiple referrals and returning customers’ discounts are between $50 and up to $200 per car depending on the number of cars, the type of cars, and the route which is 5-15% discount.

  • Multiple car discounts are based on two or more cars on the same auto carrier from the same origin going to the same destination. Multiple car discounts will apply to the entire order: meaning you will receive up to 15% discount for each car including the first car depending on the route and the type of car.

    How to inquire the discount: Start by requesting a free quote to find out about the discount that is applicable to you. Once you have received the email quote from, reply to inquire with your agent about the discount category that is suitable for you. Your agent will then apply the discount and update the quote accordingly. You also have the option to request a price match with other quotes you have received or ask for a reduction in our quotes. Specify the other quotes you have received and state the amount you are willing to pay for our high-quality services. We will try to lower our quotes or match the other quotes as closely as possible. Please be aware that we cannot always promise the maximum discounts due to market conditions and other factors, but rest assured that your agent will strive to get you the best offer, while keeping the quality level unchanged.