There are various ways to transport cars between states, such as using a truck hauler or a train for over-the-road transportation. Other options include towing it behind your moving vehicle or driving it yourself. Even after considering expenses like gas, hotels, food, and mileage for a long road trip, auto transportation may still end up being more expensive. Nonetheless, for lengthy journeys, professional auto transportation services will always be the most convenient and safe choice. The majority of auto carriers(open and enclosed transporters) have two levels or decks. It is preferred to always have your vehicle placed on the top level as it will eliminate the potential of fluids leaking from other vehicles onto your vehicle below. We offer a top level guaranteed option for an additional $100 to $300 depending on the size, weight and value of your car. This is something we highly recommend owners of convertibles to purchase. The top load spot is only guaranteed when purchased. You also have the option to request a top level spot as well, although this is not guaranteed. The driver will be instructed to place your vehicle on the top deck if possible with requested/preferred top load.

Top Load Car Carrier

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