“This is the best transportation company I have ever used and I have used many of them. They are honest, on time and they do what they say. I would recommend them to all my friends and family.”

Ali K.

“Thank you for your good service. The pick-up and drop off happened very smoothly. Good customer service too.”

M. Parsa

“We were very satisfied with FHT Auto Transport. Kept us updated on the progress of our car from NJ to California. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff, Susan and Joann included. The driver was courteous and helpful. No surprise charges when delivered. Everything went smoothly. We would use them again, highly recommended.”


“We give ABC Auto Shipping a 10. The car was picked up in San Antonio, TX on time. Driver (Jesse with IKA Group, LLC) kept in touch and delivered the car in Waynesboro, VA a day early. Definitely recommend ABC Auto Shipping to broker your car shipping needs.”

Chris B.

“The driver showed up last night, way ahead of schedule! I’m super happy! If there anywhere you’d like me to put a positive review online let me know! ”

Daniel S.

“The service was prompt and satisfactory, I will give you a 9 out of 10.”

Mrs. Strand

“ABC Auto Shipping did an excellent job transporting my vehicle from Thousand Oaks, California, to Radford, Virginia. They sent a small truck to pick it up in Thousand Oaks because the road to the house was uphill and would not allow the bigger truck in the residential neighborhood. There was also a steep hill getting up to the home. Once my truck was loaded, I was notified by someone with ABC Auto Shipping that my car was loaded and provided the estimated day of delivery. They then called me about 3 days before the day of delivery to determine a physical address where their driver would be able to meet me for the pick up. It had to have at least 2 lanes each way. We determined the delivery would be at the nearest Walmart. She then said that my name and phone number was provided to the driver and he would call me in the next day or two to give me an update as to where he was and his estimated time of arrival. The driver called me 2 days before arrival to let me know he was in Mississippi and that he would arrive the next day at midnight. The next day, he called to confirm his arrival, and also where to meet the following morning at 7:00am at the Walmart parking lot. He was there right on time and was already working to take my car off his transport when we arrived. ABC Auto Shipping did an excellent job with this transport. It was in mid June, 2011. What people must understand is there is a lot of uncertain when it comes to getting your car shipped across the country, particularly with weather conditions, traffic, etc. In my case, there were no problems or delays. If there had been, I would still give an excellent recommendation to any trucking company who followed through and called me on estimated arrival, etc. and kept me posted at all times. These guys work hard and it is not an easy task driving cars or any cargo across the country. In my case, the weather conditions were perfect and most of the cars on the transport were headed for Virginia or Maryland. That is the other variable to consider when waiting to get your car picked up, which is why it helps to go through a broker who will put your bid on a docket to be picked up by a transport company headed where you want to ship your car. ABC Auto Shipping did an excellent job with getting my car across the country. And now that I plan to return, I plan on using them again.”

Elle D.

“I would rate ABC 8 out of 10. Overall very good and my car arrived without damage. The only issue was the delay when the truck broke down in Chicago. My car arrived 2 days later than expected. I would recommend ABC.”

Chris E.

“You shipped my grandmas 2005 Taurus from Port St Lucie FL to Murrieta Ca. From the time I signed up to the time I received the car in CA I was impressed with the communication, timing and attention. We got it 9 days after pickup and appreciated the communication the whole time. If I ever need it again I’ll be calling on you guys! 10 all the way.”

Cory I.

“Company was recommended to me by a friend who used them and had a good experience. It was the same for me. They were extremely through in explaining everything, pick-up and delivery was as promised and great customer service from both Susan and Joanne.”

Grace O.

“I give ABC Auto Shipping a thumbs up and will be using them the next time I move my car.”

Harriet Rose