What are snowbirds? Not birds. The term snowbirds (also seen as “snow birds”) refers to a group of seasonal travelers who migrate to warmer climates for the winter. The word has been used in its popular context since the 1980s to mark the trend of retirees flocking south for the winter. Also called seasonal residents or winter visitors, snowbirds tend to move from northern states to warmer southern states. The group mainly consists of pairs of retirees and active adults traveling back and forth to warmer climates to escape the cold.


Why Do Snowbirds Relocate In Winter?

Winter can be too harsh and uncomfortable for people not used to colder weather.  In general, it is hard for senior citizens to withstand the severe cold. Some people hate winters and want to escape the frigid Northern weather and cold winds. Constant snow and rain are generally not suitable for the elderly, and may severely impact their physical strength and well-being. Perhaps you are someone who hates wearing heavy clothes and prefer light clothing all year long. Moving to your favorite location in the South becomes more enjoyable with endless sunny days in the winter. Furthermore, people with asthma ought to avoid sub-zero temperatures at all costs.


According to an Atlantic post, people living in colder Northern areas require more calories to stay alive and active. The scientists reveal that metabolism and thyroid function also declines in the elderly. That means that as the temperature drops significantly in the North, long-term exposure to cold can adversely impact their mental and physical health.


Snowbird Auto Shipping

While many human snowbirds do fly south when traveling for the winter, cars, motorcycles and small boats do not fly and need auto shipping via ground transportation.  Transporting or moving your car, motorcycle or small boat using airline cargo or a trucking service may become more expensive and complicated than you can ever imagine. Driving a vehicle for days cross-country can be challenging for anyone, let alone a senior. 


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If you travel to the South to avoid severe winter in the North, you may need Snowbird auto transport service.  The Snowbird vehicle, motorcycle and small boat transport services offered by ABC Auto Shipping have relocated, and bi-annually transported, cars, motorcycles and small boats for Snowbirds for more than 22 years.  


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