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ABC Auto Shipping is a nationwide leading expert for all your auto transport needs in Honolulu. We specialize in shipping cars, motorcycles and small boats. From the time you contact us for a Free auto shipping quote until your vehicle is delivered, we are available during the entire process to insure you a safe, fast and hassle free experience. When it comes to shipping cars and motorcycles to and from Hawaii, the process involves transporting vehicles by sea between the mainland United States and the Hawaiian Islands. The price to and from each Island is different with a different timeframe. Here are some important points to know:
– At first your vehicle will be transported with a car carrier truck to the needed port to go on the ship. That is only for vehicles to Hawaii. From Hawaii, the customer needs to drop the car off at the port.
– Maritime Shipping: Most vehicles are transported using specialized vessels designed for carrying vehicles and cargo across the ocean.
– Ports of Departure and Arrival: Vehicles are typically loaded onto ships at ports on the West Coast of the mainland United States, such as San Diego, Long Beach, or Oakland. In Hawaii, the main ports of arrival are in Honolulu on the island of Oahu, but there are also services available for other islands like Maui and Hawaii (the Big Island).
– Shipping Options: There are two main options for shipping vehicles to and from Hawaii. The first is roll-on/roll-off (RO/RO) service, where the vehicle is driven onto the ship and secured for transport. The second option is container shipping, where the vehicle is loaded into a shipping container and then placed on the ship. When transporting a vehicle to or from Hawaii, make sure you have the necessary documentation like ownership proof, registration, and insurance. Be aware of specific requirements and regulations, including inspections and environmental standards. The cost of shipping a vehicle to or from Hawaii can vary based on factors like size, weight, shipping method (RO/RO or container), route, and carrier.
Shipping a vehicle to or from Hawaii usually takes several weeks, depending on factors like schedule, distance, and weather. Plan ahead and book shipping services early to ensure a timely delivery. At ABC Auto Shipping, we will take care of everything for you from start to finish.

Honolulu Auto Shipping

Request a quote on our website and we will find you a reliable auto transporter within our network that we have mostly worked with for many years. Your vehicle will go on a truck to be dropped of at the port to go on the ship. From Hawaii, you will need to drop the car or motorcycle at the port and once it arrives at the destination port, we will have a transporter pick it up to deliver to its destination. The first business day after confirming your order with us by using the link in the email quote to complete your order, we will start working on scheduling a truck for your auto transportation needs.

Auto Transportation in Honolulu

Overall, shipping cars and motorcycles to and from Hawaii requires careful planning and coordination, but with ABC Auto Shipping, it will be a smooth and efficient process. The shipping company have the following requitements; Matson Navigation Company, commonly known as Matson Shipping, is a major shipping carrier that provides services primarily in the Pacific Ocean, including to and from Hawaii, Guam, Micronesia, and other Pacific Islands. While specific rules and policies may vary, here are some general guidelines and regulations that customers may encounter when shipping with Matson through ABC Auto Shipping, know the followings.
Booking and Reservations: Customers must book and reserve space for their shipments in advance. ABC Auto Shipping, advises to start the process as much as 3 months in advance or at least 2 weeks. Space availability may vary depending on factors such as vessel capacity, demand, and seasonal fluctuations.
Documentation: Customers must provide accurate and complete documentation for their shipments, including bills of lading, commercial invoices, packing lists, and any required permits or certificates.
Packaging and Labeling: Shipments must be properly packaged and labeled to ensure safe and secure transport. Improperly packaged or labeled shipments may be rejected or subject to additional fees.
Cargo Restrictions: Matson has specific rules and restrictions regarding the types of cargo that can be shipped, including hazardous materials, perishable goods, oversized items, and vehicles. Customers should consult with Matson or refer to their guidelines for specific restrictions.
Payment and Fees: Customers are responsible for paying shipping fees, including freight charges, surcharges, and any applicable taxes or duties. Additional fees may apply for services such as storage, handling, and customs clearance.
Transit Times: Matson provides estimated transit times for shipments, but actual delivery times may vary depending on factors such as weather, port congestion, and vessel schedules.
Customer Service: Matson offers customer support services to assist customers with booking, tracking, and other inquiries related to their shipments. Customers can contact Matson’s customer service team for assistance or information.
It’s important for customers to review and understand Matson’s rules and policies before shipping with the company to ensure compliance and avoid any potential issues or delays. Additionally, customers should consult with Matson or their shipping agent for specific guidelines and requirements related to their shipments.
We transport most types of cars on open and enclosed car carriers for private individuals, auto dealers, used car dealers, people relocating, sport athletes, corporate relocation, military personnel, college students, snowbirds, and everyone else that needs auto transportation services in Honolulu.


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JS Poceta
JS Poceta
18:34 14 May 20
I have used ABC 3 times now in the last 3 years to ship my cars from San Diego to DC and back. Each time they were very... knowledgeable, clear, and competent. The pick-ups and deliveries were on time and easy. I will use them again and I recommend more
Laurie Hines
Laurie Hines
03:49 06 May 20
Arman was Great to work with! Clear and quick communication! He arranged for Mario from Marana Trucking to ship my car... from CA to FL. Delivered perfectly in 6 days! A+ service! Highly recommend!read more
Howard Swerdloff
Howard Swerdloff
17:26 20 Apr 20
Arman and ABC Auto Shipping provided a great service. I had them transport my car from California to Florida on a tight... timeframe. Arman managed time tightly and picked the car up as promised within a couple of days. The carrier used also communicated well letting me know where the car was along the journey and when it would be delivered. Arman also followed up after the car was delivered to make sure everything went well. Overall, excellent service and I would highly recommend ABC Auto more
Brenda Sithideth
Brenda Sithideth
23:35 09 Apr 20
Arman was very quick and helpful in finding me a carrier to transport my car at a reasonable price from California to... Virginia on such short notice and with the current situation (Covid-19). He was able to find a carrier who would transport my car with personal belongings in the trunk up to 100lbs (personal items are not covered by the insurance so it’s recommended not to ship a car with personal items). Arman was readily available to answer all of my questions regarding prepping my car for pick up and even kept in contact to make sure the transportation company had called me to schedule a pick up time/date. The driver thoroughly checked my car for preexisting scratches/damage and I signed a release form on a Friday. I was quoted that my car would arrive in Virginia within 7-11 days and my car arrived in Virginia the following Thursday! Luckily my husband was able to pick up my car as I am still in California and flying to Virginia tomorrow morning. The driver was able to contact my husband and schedule a pick up time and location. My husband says the process was very easy and the car arrived safely will all of my belongings in tact and just the way I stored them (I took photos/video of my belongings). I highly recommend ABC Auto Shipping for their fast and professional service!read more
Jerry Weathersby
Jerry Weathersby
16:52 04 Feb 20
Great Service. Working with Aman was great. Our car was shipped cross country and we had to sync it up with our... arrival. Car was delivered on our agreed date and at a convenient location at the agreed price. Driver was great and communicated with us to syn up delivery and car was delivered in same condition as we left it. Couldn't ask for much more Thank You more
Kevin Stoneman
Kevin Stoneman
17:56 20 Jan 20
We live in California and ordered a Jeep from Tennessee for my daughter’s 16th birthday. I was very nervous, however... everything went great. We even had to delay the pick up due to the dealership. We were not charged extra. When the car was ready it was picked up within a day or two and delivered one day sooner than more
16:44 24 Dec 19
Thank you very much for your excellent service! Everything went well, as planned. Arman provided all the indispensable... information we requested and was extremely responsive to our shipping needs. The car was picked up on location at the agreed upon time in Madison, WI. It was then safely delivered 3 ½ days later in California, arriving in excellent condition. The car was delivered faster than we even expected to our home and arrived in perfect condition! The driver was professional, reliable, and very courteous. The driver attended to important details to ensure safe delivery, and we appreciated his careful work. What a smooth and overall professional transport service! Thank you most kindly. You are great!read more
Archana C
Archana C
16:25 07 Dec 19
Excellent service!!!We had to ship our car from west coast to east coast and I needed our car to be picked up within 1... or 2 days. After speaking with multiple transportation companies, we finalized ABC Auto Shipping, Inc after reading their excellent reviews on yelp. Since I had never shipped a car before, I was so nervous about it. But Arman from ABC made the process easy. He helped me with everything! He promptly answered/addressed all my questions/concerns. He quickly found a transporter to transport our car. We stayed in touch throughout the process via text messages. The car arrived in the expected time frame. Everything went well according to the plan. Everything was transparent, well communicated, documented and made super easy.I will definitely use ABC Auto shipping if I have to ship my car again. Many thanks to Arman for all the help. I highly recommend ABC Auto Shipping, Inc. It was a great experience!!!read more
Armin Ata
Armin Ata
19:36 28 Nov 19
Needed to transport my BMW from NJ to CA. Had used Arman with ABC Auto shipping in the past so I called him again and... happy that I did. received the same quality service as the first time and was given a discount for using their service again. My car was picked up as promised and delivered 1-2 days sooner that expected. Arman is very knowledgeable and very responsive via text message. Transporting a car across the country is nerve racking but Arman made it hassle free. I Could not had asked for a better service. They might be a bit more expensive than some other auto transporter but definitely worth the peace of mind. Thank you!read more
Louella Woo
Louella Woo
01:22 23 Oct 19
I had never shipped a car before, but Arman with ABC Auto Shipping in Laguna Hills, CA. made the process very easy. We... stayed in touch via text messages, he was prompt in responding and answered all of my questions. When I was ready to proceed, he was able to quickly find a transporter going to northern California. When I dropped the car off, Arman did a detailed inspection of the outside so we were both clear as to the condition of the car at that time. I also appreciated the video he sent showing the car being loaded on the hauler. The car arrived in the expected time frame. Everything was very transparent and documented. It was really easy working with more
Mehdi Hashemi
Mehdi Hashemi
18:39 17 Oct 19
Update: Arman from ABC Auto Shipping recently shipped my 1999 bmw e36 m3 across states to my new location without any... problems. He is very communicative and transparent throughout the process which is why I go to him for all my car transport needs. He truly gives much effort to make sure the cars he transports are taken care of with care.Arman at ABC auto shipping, shipped my specially modified car from Hawaii to California. He provided all the information needed with easy access and I was informed through every step. The shipping was surprisingly quick and the car came in perfect shape. Highly recommend!read more
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When it comes to transporting cars, ABC Auto Shipping, Inc is the leading nationwide auto shipping company in Honolulu HI, and all of the USA. We will transport your cars anywhere in the USA. Moving cars, motorcycles and small boats is what we do best, specializing in car auto shipping services or auto transport. We transport most types of vehicles on open and enclosed car carriers for private individuals, auto dealers, used car dealers, people relocating, corporate relocation, military personnel, students, snowbirds, and everyone else that needs to transport their cars. Your information will not be shared with any other company, you will only be contacted by Agents working for ABC Auto Shipping.  Let us help you transport your vehicles hassle free. You will have peace of mind that your car or cars will be moved without any issues. We have many great reviews online to back it up.


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“This is the best transportation company I have ever used and I have used many of them. They are honest, on time and they do what they say. I would recommend them to all my friends and family.”

Ali K.

“Thank you for your good service. The pick-up and drop off happened very smoothly. Good customer service too.”

M. Parsa

“We were very satisfied with FHT Auto Transport. Kept us updated on the progress of our car from NJ to California. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff, Susan and Joann included. The driver was courteous and helpful. No surprise charges when delivered. Everything went smoothly. We would use them again, highly recommended.”


We give ABC Auto Shipping a 10. The car was picked up in San Antonio, TX on time. Driver (Jesse with IKA Group, LLC) kept in touch and delivered the car in Waynesboro, VA a day early. Definitely recommend ABC Auto Shipping to broker your car shipping needs.

Chris B.

“The driver showed up last night, way ahead of schedule! I’m super happy! If there anywhere you’d like me to put a positive review online let me know!”

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